Tell everyone, lasers are cool.

I haven’t blogged in rather a long time. Considering I want to be a writer, that’s practically disgusting. However, this year has been one of the most hectic and emotional I’ve gone through, blogging hasn’t exactly been my top priority. Now things have settled down so I’m back and hopefully on more of a regular basis too.

I posted late last year about a condition I have called PCOS, and how I’d just started laser hair removal treatment. You can read it here. This is essentially a sequel. As of a few weeks ago I finished my treatment.This is my story of the process I went through, a process that it might actaully be available to you.

One of the symptoms of PCOS is growing dark hairs in places more common on men than women, in my case my neck and back. It’s one of the things that I’ve always struggled with, I never had the patience to wait for my awesome beard which I would obviously rock. Joking aside, as I started to get into make up and building up my own look in my teens, I always had unwanted hair to deal with first. My getting ready routine consisted of hair removal creams and a lot of plucking. Eventually I got fed up.

Laser treatment was something I’d talked about, it was something that would be a possibility in the future if I saved up. One day when I spoke to my doctor I discussed how my recent medication was helping my PCOS, it had made a little difference in hair growth but nothing to rave about, I mentioned about laser treatment, asking what the results of it are like, would it be worth it and she told me she’d find the relevent information for me. A few days later I got a phone call from my doctor with a rather delightful surprise. Through the NHS, women with PCOS can get free laser hair removal treatment. Now if PCOS affects so many women then why aren’t we screaming this information from the rooftops? I was elated. My years of nairing would be a thing of the past.

I was refered to a private clinic for 30 minute appointments every 6 weeks. I had 12 sessions treating my neck and back. For those of you who are afraid due to the expected pain, don’t be! I actually got my first tattoo before I started treatment almost like a warm up and that ended up being more painful. Most of the time you’ll barely feel a thing. Cold air is blown over the skin, giving it a slighly numb sensation. If you do feel something, it’s a nip. I’d take that nip, that physical pain over the emotional pain. I wish I had pictures to show you it’s worth it but you’ll have to take my word.

I can put my hair up without worrying, I can spend my time applying eyeliner and not hair removal cream, I can feel somewhat more confident about my image. To any of you ladies with PCOS out there that know what I’m talking about, I urge you to reach out to your doctors. Your doctor’s an asshole and won’t listen to you? Change to another and get what you know is owed to you. If you want treatment to feel more confident, sexy, beautiful and like the damn woman you know you are, then you are quite welcome to it.

Altogether now, tell everyone that lasers are cool.