25 Things I’ve Learned Over 25 Years.

Hello pals, today I turn 25. A quarter of a century, that’s crazy. That’s actually a considerable amount of time, mildly scary? Yes but also kinda cool. I’ve learned a few things here or there, about myself and the world, so let me share my millennial wisdom.

[Ps. if you make it through, there are some embarassing photos awaiting you at the end]

  1. Age doesn’t equal maturity.
  2. Self-care is more than a face mask.
  3. You should enjoy the taste as well as effects of alcohol. – There are times where you want to get shitfaced but at least do it with something that tastes nice.
  4. Don’t be hurt when corrected.
  5. Your twenties go quickly – I kind of feel like when you turn 21, you’re chucked into a race. It will feel like everyone is busy with their career or having babies. You’ll maybe feel stuck or off track and before you know it you’re halfway through. Before you panic, just take a moment, you’ll probably have done more than you think and more importantly, life goes on beyond your twenties. There is no rush to ‘get it right’.
  6. Never too old for ‘kids’ films.
  7. A good playlist or letter can be better than an inanimate object.
  8. Queer TV is King (or Queen rather?) for cheering me up – If I’m having a shitty day, there are 3 TV shows that are guaranteed to make me happy; Queer Eye, RuPaul’s Drag Race and Nate and Jerimiah by Design.
  9. If there is anything that will makes me believe in a God, it’s probably food – In particular, brownies fresh out the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top or grilled halloumi. Gosh darn, that squeaky cheese is heavenly.
  10. Being single isn’t ‘sad’ – So in my 25 years I’ve always been single. It’s not that I’m not open to meeting someone, the opportunity and person just hasn’t presented itself. The thing is it doesn’t bother me, I mean yes when I’m alone and can’t sleep at 2am and I’ve had a bad dream, I do crave a special someone to snuggle but apart from that I’m good. I think of being single as just another way to live your life, some people do it with someone, some without and some with multiple.
  11. You can be both a cat and dog person – I don’t understand why somebody ever made the concept of a ‘cat person’ or a ‘dog person’. Cats are adorable, dogs are amazing, why the hell choose? I am here to say, I am a cat and dog person.
  12. Crying is great – You should never be ashamed to cry. Sometimes you’ll have a reason and sometimes you won’t and that’s okay. One experience comes to mind, I once cried through an entire concert. Me and my mum went to see ELO who were my grandad’s favourite band. It felt wrong to be there without him, but I also felt him there the entire time. It was cathartic as hell. Just let it out, you’ll feel better.
  13. Good friends will stick around, just maybe not physically.
  14. My sense of humour is messed up, I laugh at things I probably shouldn’t – My favourite comedians include Bianco Del Rio, Daniel Sloss and Bo Burnham, look them up if you’re into ‘dark’ humour.
  15. Labels can change – So this is for you LGBTQ+ folks mainly, maybe the heteroflexible of you out there will learn something. Unlike those annoying sales stickers that won’t come off anything, your sexuality can change, or you discover there’s a better label for you. When I first came out 9 years ago, I came out as bisexual. Now I use pansexual, bi and queer interchangeably. I also found out about romantic attraction and how I’m actually demiromantic. I’ve only found this out in my twenties. Your personality changes so why not your sexuality too?
  16. Everybody poops – Honestly whenever you’re feeling embarrassed or nervous, this is a great mantra.
  17. Travelling is something everyone should experience – 5 years ago I moved to Germany for a semester and I well and truly caught the travel bug. I don’t know what it is about diving into a new culture that makes me incredibly happy, but I know that I want to see more. Learning about a lifestyle different to yours can help you escape your problems, reshuffle where you are mentally, inspire you creatively and help you appreciate your own culture.
  18. See things live – This goes for more than just music. Theatre, comedy, even just talks are all worth the in the flesh experience.
  19. Save yourself a lot of money and buy supermarket own brand.
  20. A love of stationery can go beyond primary school.
  21. Have goals, not timelines – As someone who organises everything they possibly can, this was a tough lesson to learn. I think I learned it at the perfect time. So my plan in 1st year of university, I’d graduate in 3 years when I was 20, have my master’s when I was 21/22 and so on. But then I studied abroad, didn’t quite pass everything, I got ill and lost 2 grandparents within months of each other in my final semester. Life happens. I’ve thought a lot about whether I’d change anything and maybe apart from a few embarrassing moments, I wouldn’t change a thing. I made some incredible memories abroad, met people who I will likely be lifelong friends with and I feel more prepared to take on the stressful responsibilities of a master’s degree. I’m still taking on those goals, just at a different rate than planned.
  22. Everyone is too busy worrying about themselves for them to be thinking about that thing your mind won’t forget. Stop panicking.
  23. Army of Darkness is an acceptable film for a child to watch – It was a bedtime classic for moi and I turned out just fine.
  24. I appreciate brutal honesty but not everyone does.
  25. You will occasionally forget all the things you learn and be at a complete loss but it’s okay.


Body Positivity, Clothes and Confidence

I think everybody at some point in their life has stood in front of the mirror and just picked away at their flaws. Everybody has wished their tummy was smaller, their arms more toned or their bum was bigger. It’s one of these universal truths that sadly we can all relate to. Now however we live in a selfie age, where flaws or not, everybody is posting themselves in all their filtered glory. While it can be argued that this might pile on more pressure to the body conscious population, it has also started a wave of positivity. The body positivity movement is daring us to enjoy our bodies for what they are, lumps, bumps and all.

I’ve always had a bit of a funny relationship with my appearance. My PCOS has always meant I’m bigger than average; the ironic thing being that PCOS can be helped by losing weight but PCOS makes it difficult to do this. You’re in a vicious circle. I took up swimming around the end of 2016 though and while I wouldn’t say I’ve lost lots of weight, I have got fitter and that was really my aim.

My arms are quite chunky but now it’s all muscle and I feel proud to say I can bring in all the shopping in one go. If I’m ever asked what my favourite body part is I usually go with my legs. If I could get away with oversized t-shirts, girly boxers and over the knee socks all day, every day I totally would. Alas I live in Scotland and the climate does not allow me to whip my legs out as much as I’d like. I think I got lucky with my face. Growing up I always felt this odd kind of guilt because I actually liked my face. Like how dare I be happy with my natural features? That societal goblin still gets to me but thankfully, only occasionally. I have had so many people say that want my nose and while it looks adorable, I’d say my smile is the best part of my face. After getting my wisdom teeth out last month, I felt so sad because I couldn’t smile properly for weeks! Look at any of my selfies and you’ll see I like a big open mouthed grin, if I tried that it was agony.

My problem part is my torso. This is where you go but that’s the main bit! And yes, dear reader, it is but I don’t completely dislike it. My tummy used to bother me but when you consider literally everyone has one, it becomes less of a concern.  My problem is that I have a ridiculously long torso. I have to buy the majority of tops in a size or two bigger or wear a vest underneath. It’s actually comical when I go shopping; if I was into crop tops I’d be sorted.

Now weird torso or not, I have to clothe myself and with how many clothes I have, I’m definitely managing. To sum up my everyday style; I live in autumnal colours all year round, I have too many nerdy t-shirts to count and I love a tunic. If I’m dressing up for a night out, I tend to go for bright colours, shift dresses are my saviour and I will forever rock casual shoes to the club. Dr. Martens are the best for clubbing, it sounds mad but trust me. I’ve always loved fashion, I like trying a trend but don’t feel the need to stick in a stiff box because the catwalk has told me to. Clothes should be fun but I think a lot of us forget this.

Over the last year I’ve been trying to make the effort with what I wear. Even if I’m just heading to the library or the supermarket, I’m picking my outfit carefully. I’m rediscovering clothes that I bought and never wore or stuff I haven’t worn in forever. I’ve turned what sometimes could be a chore into something fun again. I’m experimenting with my style and it’s making me really love my body. I might be a bit oddly proportioned but I, as the famous and wonderful Tim Gunn says, ‘make it work’.

I started to take pictures when I really liked my outfit and I was determined to get my whole body in the shot. I wanted to remember that those shoes went with this dress and jacket. Most importantly though, I wanted to remember how I felt in that outfit. How happy I was, how confident I felt. It’s strange how a bunch of clothes put in the right combination can instantly change how you feel about your body and yourself. The right outfit can transform your mood and your confidence. I look back at these photos now and think ‘Damn, I looked cute’ and I can’t wait to do that even more. As we speak I’m looking at an adorable outfit I want to wear tomorrow for the first time. I’ll take a photo of it and strut my stuff out the door feeling good about myself.

Your relationship with your appearance will always be turbulent. Societal pressures will probably always be there, at least in this lifetime. Loving your body might take a while and in the mean time you have clothes to give you a major helping hand. I have a challenge for you. Next time you stand in front of the mirror, pick something you like about yourself. Not something you want to change. It could be your bum or your hands or maybe it’s this one freckle that has a cool shape. I want you to focus on how you like that part. That feeling, no matter how small, should be what you think about next time you go to the mirror. This time you might just like your eyes but next time you realise actually your nose is pretty fab too. Take that feeling and just snowball with it.

Film Favourites – Queer Cinema


Firstly, (late) happy new year! I think we can all safely agree that 2017 was just weird and I am definitely welcoming 2018 with open arms. Now onto my first blog of the year!

Film favourites may become a blog I do from time to time, taking a certain genre, either broad or very specific and just recommending you some of my favourites. I just really love talking about movies.

As a huge film buff, I get very excited at this time of year as its awards season! One massive contender this year is Call Me By Your Name which I watched recently and I think it deserves its hype. I’ve read the book and they’ve made a really beautiful adaptation. It got me thinking about LGBTQ+ cinema in general, and I thought I’d share some of my favourites. This is only a small selection, I’m already planning a part 2 to this! I started thinking of a few then next thing I knew I had a list with 20+ films.

Milk (2008)

‘I know you cannot live on hope alone, but without it, life is not worth living.’ 

This film is a great educational experience for those in need of an LGBT+ history lesson. Milk is follows the true story of American gay rights activist Harvey Milk who became California’s first openly gay elected official. We meet Milk on his 40th birthday and follow his political journey in San Francisco as well as his private life and various relationships. Sean Penn gives an incredible performance, he captures Milk’s passion but also in quieter moments, his vulnerability. Milk gave the later half of his life to the gay rights movement and this movie shows how he balanced that element with his personal relationships, not always very successfully. It’s put together well, it presents a part of LGBT history, showing both the triumphs and less victorious moments.

GBF (2013)

‘Never in the history of North Gateway High had any student admitted out loud to being an honest-to-goodness, card-carrying, proud – or even slightly modest – homosexual.’ 

GBF is the LGBT version of Mean Girls. It has loveable teen characters, iconic quotes and of course, it ends with an epic prom. It follows Tanner, who is outed at his school and the three Prom queen frontrunners turn him into the ultimate Gay Best Friend. GBF takes the teen movie format and openly mocks it whilst also showing why coming of age stories are important for LGBT teens. So many LGBT films focus on quite dark stories, whereas this is anything but. It’s wacky and camp in all the right ways. It examines the GBF stereotype under a comical lens, exaggerating it and showing how it affects the community. Tanner and Brent are great contrasting characters, their friendship is really interesting and not something I’ve seen in other films. If you want to watch something that will make you laugh, go for this.

A Single Man (2009)

‘For the first time in my life I can’t see my future. Every day goes by in a haze, but today I have decided will be different.’ 

This is one of those films that you could easily ignore the plot of but still enjoy it. The visuals are absolutely stunning but do focus on the story. A Single Man follows an English professor a year after the death of his boyfriend, it is set in the 60s in LA. Tom Ford’s debut explores themes of love, friendship, sexuality, age and grief. Colin Firth gives arguably one of his best performances, you can feel his heart break as he goes about his day. Despite the time period, the film doesn’t make the character’s sexuality a taboo thing. What this film focuses on is the emotions of the relationship. Everything feels like its chosen for a reason, from colours to settings to angles, all the details are very particular. It is an all-round gorgeous film overflowing with emotion.

Appropriate Behaviour (2014)

‘I’m looking for the grown-up underwear of a woman in charge of her sexuality and not afraid of change.’

If you need a lesson in bisexual character representation, this is your movie. It follows Shirin, who is someone of many labels; a woman, Persian, bisexual, a Brooklynite, young, confused and newly single. She tries to navigate life, taking new experiences in her stride whilst not always saying the right thing. This story isn’t told chronologically, it gives us snapshots of Shirin’s previous relationship with a woman named Maxine and how she is post break up. The dialogue is cutting in a good way, there are so many good quotes to take away from this film. There are scenes that most twenty something women will relate to. Shirin is rarely subtle and her bisexuality isn’t fussed over. It’s incredible to see a bisexual character handled with actual dignity. Nothing extraordinary happens in this film, it just shows someone in a section of their life and that’s why I like it so much. It’s a queer film that doesn’t let sexuality take over.

4th Man Out

‘I don’t care if you’re the gayest, shyest kid in all of America. You’re my son, and I love you.’

4th Man Out follows Adam as he turns 24 and finally decide to tell his three best friends he’s gay. I love this film because it’s a comedy, there are too many coming out stories that focus on the down side. While there are serious moments, such as religion and family clashing with sexuality, we instead see the better side of coming out. Coming out is a terrifying experience and this movie shows that there is hope on the other side. Adam’s friends, after a little adjusting, are on board. They help him with online dating and take him to a gay club. It’s a learning experience for not just Adam but his friends and family too. There are lots of laugh out loud moments, this is definitely one to watch if you’re in the mood for something light.

Pride (2014)

‘When you’re in a battle against an enemy so much bigger, so much stronger than you, well, to find out you had a friend you never knew existed, well, that’s the best feeling in the world.’ 

Pride is the story of how gay activists in the UK helped the miners during their strike in the summer of 1984. This film always makes me feel incredibly happy. It not only shows LGBT activism but also how you’ll find help in the places you’ll least expect, in this case the miners and LGSM. It has a lot of perspectives with such a huge range of characters; there’s the out and proud leader Mark, shy youngster Joe who joins the group in secret, brash lesbian Steph who has a soft side, older couple Gethin and Jonathan, the sweet Welsh miner Dai who welcomes LGSM with open arms, Gwen who is more concerned with lesbians’ cuisine choices rather than their sexuality and caring Sian who is more powerful than meets the eye. That’s only a small bunch of the characters too! You’ll find someone who you relate to. This film covers dark times but shows that the best way to deal with them sometimes is with a bit of humour and standing up in what you believe in. The cast is great and it’s a British film through and through.

Holding the Man (2015)

‘What happens to my soul if I go mad? Does it stay trapped inside or is it floating free?’ 

Just putting this out there, if you don’t cry at this film, I will judge you. Holding the Man follows Tim and John in 1970s Australia, who fall in love in their teens and the 15 year relationship that follows. They refuse to be beaten down by any obstacles that come their way. This film is actually based on the book that Tim wrote. It covers a love story essentially, not a simple one but very few LGBT love stories are. You really get to know the characters and you come to care for them. I like that you also get a taste of history but through an ordinary person’s perspective. Unlike Pride or Milk where the characters are figures who have been documented in history, this shows you how ordinary people were affected by the time. I’ve watched this so many times, despite it being quite sad, there’s also so many moments of love and joy and that’s what brings me back every time.

Call Me By Your Name (2017)

‘How you live your life is your business, just remember, our hearts and our bodies are given to us only once.’ 

This film is a glorious escape. Despite only seeing it twice, it’s quickly become a favourite. CMBYN is set in Northern Italy in the summer of 1983, where 17 year old Elio begins a relationship with Oliver, his father’s research assistant who is staying with his family for 6 weeks. While at first they don’t necessarily get on, they soon start to bond over intellect, their Jewish backgrounds and later sensuality and complete intimacy. Although the word is never uttered, it is refreshing to see two bisexual characters together, especially male characters as there’s even fewer of those than female in media representation. Having read the book, I have to say Timothée Chalamet’s performance is insanely good, he embodies Elio’s character completely. You can tell all the choices have been made carefully, from music to camera angles. You’re watching a very unusual love story unfold but you feel you’re in confident hands. We’re seeing it from Elio’s point of view (just like the novel) so we learn about him as he does. If you’re looking for a romance which isn’t so run of the mill and fancy a little escape, this is the film for you.

I hope you’ve maybe found something new to watch! I already have a part two planned for this as I have a huge list, too many for just one blog.

Happy watching! x

Yay for Education & Fan Fiction!

It’s taken two years but your gal is finally a student again. I’m finally getting on with my career goals. Next week my Masters course finally begins and I can stop saying finally.

I’m in a place where I know I’m ready to take this step. Health wise, I’m on new meds and finally feel more in control. I’m not having to worry about my headaches getting in the way as much, if I do have a flare up its only lasting a few days and not a few weeks. While I’ve still got a long way to go when it comes to changing medication, I’m in a much more stable place. I know I’m likely to never not have to take medication or not be a bit more cautious at times so I don’t make myself ill but I’m getting to a point where it’s not taking over all my priorities. I’ve gained some focus back which I can use for my course.

More importantly I have my writing mojo back. The last two years I’ve had ideas here and there but nothing that has really excited me. When I finished university, I was dealing with so many issues that I didn’t have the energy for writing. When you tell someone you want to be a writer, guaranteed you’ll get the response ‘Just write then’, as if it can be done just like that. But as with anything creative, the idea, inspiration and material is coming from you. If you’re mentally drained, you prioritise getting through your day over creating a whole new person or world. In order to come up with any idea, you first need to live in your own shoes before stepping to another’s. I think at times over the last couple of years, I’ve been struggling to do this & therefore writing has taken a back seat. That is until around April this year when I began writing fan fiction.

I’ll admit I used to belittle fan fiction but it’s safe to say my opinion has changed. From the beginning of this year, I began reading fan fiction after seeing a piece come up on my Tumblr feed. It was incredibly well written and it got me hooked, I started to look for more. While I found more great work, I also found work that was lacking in punctuation and grammar or real originality. Fan fiction needs a balance of the familiar and the original, I found myself critiquing work and saying how much better I could do. So one night in April I decided I would do better, created a Tumblr account for my creative writing and posted my very first fan fiction. I opened myself up for requests, which started to come in slowly. Fast forward to now where I write fan fictions for four different television shows, I’ve written 50 pieces and that includes a 9 part series, I’m currently working on about 9 requests and I have over 500 followers. It’s not just fan fiction I’m posting either, I post original poetry and prose and it gains a fair bit of attention too. I get messages from readers telling me they loved a certain piece or really enjoy my writing. The other day after commenting on someone’s work, I received a message from this writer to say how excited that one of their favourites commented on their work and that they’d read all my work. All this positivity has got me writing again, I’m working on something, whether it be my own original work or fan fiction, every day and I prioritise it.

Fan fiction has reminded me how fun writing can be, it leaves out the stress of creating from scratch but still gives you the opportunity to creative with plot and setting and so on. It shouldn’t be belittled, consider that 50 Shades of Grey began as Twilight fan fiction. While it is not a literary masterpiece, it is clearly doing well and people obviously enjoy it. Enjoyment is the essence of writing from both sides, I read and write because I enjoy it. It’s why I’ve stuck with it for so long, it’s why I know want to do it for the rest of my life. It’s why I’ve chosen to continue my education in creative writing because one day I’ll maybe be able to teach that to someone else, writing should be fun!

I’ve already began perusing the materials for my Masters and I couldn’t be more excited to start. Life hasn’t treated me great in this month and I’m in much need of a step forward rather backwards. Instead of saying ‘I’m applying for a masters’ when people ask me what I’m up to, I can finally say ‘Oh I’m studying for my masters’ and you can make your own mind up on what sounds better.

This is the calm before the storm, it’s likely in a few posts time a bit more of a stressed out Taylor will be writing. Present Taylor actually envies her a little.

5 Not So Typical Travel Recommendations

I blooming love travelling. Ever since I lived abroad, I’ve well and truly caught the travel bug. I even have a tattoo dedicated to my love of travel. As it’s summer, everyone’s favourite time to get away, I thought I’d give y’all some recommendations. Some of these places are maybe a little more off the beaten track and severely underrated.

1. Hastings, UK – An Alternative British Seaside Experience

Oh how I do like to be beside the seaside! When most think of seaside holidays, they think Blackpool or possibly Brighton. I think Hastings. I’m a little bias to this place since my Dad actually lives here but this town’s charm has really won me over. British seaside towns tend to have a tacky set up of amusements and overpriced rides, which don’t get me wrong I like to partake in occasionally. I love me some crazy golf. But sometimes you need something a little less gaudy and that’s what Hastings, especially the old town, has to offer. The streets are filled with really individual shops, cosy bars and welcoming pubs ready to take you in. There are festivals on all year round, so if fancy dress is your thing you’re sorted. If you’re a creative person looking for a change of scenery to inspire, Hastings is the perfect spot. I always feel refreshed and ready to write after a visit (like right now for example, I only got back a few days ago). While it may be a pebble beach, it won’t stop you from lounging about to top up your tan or going for a swim. Hastings offers the idyllic seaside experience for all.

Especially Check Out;
The Hastings Arms For great food, go to The Hastings Arms for tapas night on Thursday. Great price for some beautiful food, perfect to share when you’re going with a big group of people.
S. Forrest – Again I’m a little a bias as I know the owner of the shop but I’ve never seen a shop like this before. They sell dried flowers, herbs, spices, teas, baskets and so much more. It’s wonderfully quaint and a good shout for when looking for a gift or possibly just a treat for yourself.

2. Warsaw, Poland – Lots of Culture on a Budget

First off, this was the cheapest holiday I’ve ever been on. Every time I paid for something I would check the equivalent in pounds and I was pretty stunned every time. If you love taking in lots of culture but don’t have a huge budget, Warsaw is the place for you. Poland as a holiday destination is definitely starting to become more popular, with lots visiting Krakow. Warsaw happened to be an easier option to travel to and I’m so glad I went. The history of the city is absolutely fascinating, if you’re a history buff you’ll love it. Just walking around you see living history in the architecture and how it differs area to area. It’s a good place for a long weekend too, if you’re into partying then you’ll love the cheap cocktails. I swear the drinks are a lot stronger though, so be cautious! There was so much to see in Warsaw, pack in as much as you can but I can guarantee you’ll want to visit again. And remember to pick up a bottle of vodka in duty free, my cherry bottle is the yummiest vodka I’ve ever had.

Especially Check Out;
AioliThis trendy bar is so good we went twice. The food is fantastic (especially the desserts) and the cocktails are delicious. You may have to wait for a table but I promise you it’s worth it.

Łazienki Park – This beautiful park goes on for acres and is perfect on a sunny day. There are lots of different gardens to explore, you’d probably need a week to get round it all. The Palace on the Isle is a real highlight.

3. Koblenz, Germany – For When You Don’t Want to be a Tourist

Koblenz has a little place in my heart. I lived there in 2013 over the summer for my semester abroad. Koblenz is perfect if you want somewhere a little off the beaten track, it’s not packed with tourists. It’s famous for being where the Moselle and Rhine rivers meet and they meet at the Deutsches Eck (photographed above) which happens to be a rather nice spot to chill out on a warm summer’s day with a beer and some good company. Koblenz is a great blend of old and new, the streets are rustic but there’s also a great mall if you fancy doing a bit of shopping. If you’re looking for a good night out, Koblenz has a great offering of bars and clubs with reasonable prices. I’ve had many a fun night out, from what I can vaguely remember! If you’re in Frankfurt or Cologne, Koblenz is only a train ride away. It’s worth a day trip.

Especially Check Out;
Gekco Lounge – Now I’ve been to a fair few cocktail bars in my time but this is my favourite. The interior is like a cave so you have no idea of time going by, it’s super cosy. The menu is massive and they have a happy hour too. I’d recommend a Zombie, this bar makes the best one I’ve had.
eGeLoSIa – Best. Ice. Cream. Ever. It’s kind of sad how much I miss this place. This ice cream parlour has some of the best flavours, plus they do sorbet as well. If you get the chance to visit, get multiple scoops and different flavours. And go for seconds. Can you tell I really like this place?

4. Amsterdam, The Netherlands – The All-Rounder

If you’ve been anywhere on this list already, it’s Amsterdam. And there’s reason for that, the city appeals to pretty much everyone. I’ve been on three different visits, on my own, with family and with friends and in different seasons and every time I go I want to go back instantly. It’s one of those cities I could easily see myself living in, it has such a relaxed atmosphere. If you’re there for a weekend of partying there’s plenty bars and clubs ready and waiting. If you’re more of a culture vulture, the city offers plenty of historic sights and museums. Anne Frank’s House is a must for anyone, it gives you a real sense of what happened back then and really respects the history. If you’re looking for nature, check out Vondelpark. It produces wonderful colours all year round, even in winter it looks beautiful. Amsterdam is great for a few days or a month, it works for solo travel or a family of four. I guarantee one visit however, will not be enough

Especially Check Out;
House of Bols – Whilst most know about the Heineken Experience, not a lot know about House of Bols. Most have heard of Blue Bols, it’s used in cocktails. It doesn’t just come in the blue flavour however, there are over 40 flavours! This experience tells you the history and what goes into making it. You will also have the most bizarre tasting experience of your life, I can’t even describe it. Your ticket includes a cocktail at the gorgeous mirror bar too.

Moco Museum – If you’re into modern art, you should check Moco out just now. They have a huge Banksy exhibition which is so much fun to look around. Plus there’s a Warhol exhibition on, if you’re into pop art it’s not to be missed.

5. Copenhagen, Denmark – For the Travel Photographer

If you’re a fan of Amsterdam, you’ll enjoy Copenhagen. It has a similar relaxed vibe whilst also being sleek and refined. For those of you who love travel photography Copenhagen is an Instagram dream. As you can see above, Nyhavn is a must see, even in the rain the colours look gorgeous. If you’re willing to take a train out of the city centre, it’s worth stopping off at Kronborg Castle to do your best Hamlet impression. On the way back, if you’re a modern art fan, you need to check out the Louisiana Museum. They have a massive collection and the building and grounds themselves are lovely to wander around. Feeling peckish? The Street Food at PapirØen (Paper Island) is ideal for the foodie. It is a hall filled to the brim with every kind of food you can think of from butter chicken to crème brûlée donuts. On our visit there was also a second hand clothes sale going on – perfect if you’re into food and fashion like me – check out the website to see what other events are coming up. Copenhagen is classy but has a warmth that pulls you in. It’s a refreshing city which is perfect for all you holiday snappers.

Especially Check Out;
The Yellow House –  This was our first Airbnb experience and we got very lucky. Nathalie, her daughter Caroline and their cats Lucky and Luna made us feel extremely welcome. Their home is of the typical Danish style which we all dream of having in our own homes. Nathalie was very helpful answering any questions we had and was a fab host. The cats are incredibly friendly, they make you feel very at home. When we inevitably visit Copenhagen again, we will definitely be staying at the Yellow House and so should you.

Design Museum   This is one of the best museums I’ve ever been in. The exhibitions essentially give you a history of design; this includes furniture, clothes, posters, advertising and so on. There’s even a whole section where you can interact with the exhibits, that’s right, you’re allowed to touch things! If you’re a visual person, you’ll love it, all the colours and textures are stimulating.

Getting it down to five places was difficult so I will definitely being writing another recommendation post in the future. In the mean time, happy travels!



One Year Of Bullet Journalling.

Hi, I’m Taylor and I’m addicted to organisation.

Being organised is not a bad thing but I’m one of these people who organises their spare time. If I’m travelling somewhere, I’ll have exact train times and even extra options if the train is cancelled or delayed. If I’m going on a night out at the weekend, I can tell you the exact days I’m prepping my skin and painting my nails. Making to do lists is my idea of fun. So when I discovered the bullet journal, my organisation monster shrieked with happiness.

If you haven’t heard of the bullet journal trend, it is essentially a diary, your to do lists & journal all in one. The best thing about it is how it’s all up to you how you use it, whether you make it simple or complex, plain or colourful, you’re in control. It takes an hour (at most) to set up initially and then it’s 10 minutes a night to plan for the next day. To start out all you need is a notebook and pen, I used this guide (http://bulletjournal.com/get-started/) along with searching #bulletjournal on Instagram for inspiration.


I’ve now been using my bullet journal for a year and I couldn’t recommend it enough! Here are some reasons why I love it and some tips and tricks I’ve learned;

Organisation all in one place – Rather than carrying around a notebook, diary & journal around, a bullet journal provides a place for everything. I have a future log which shows me what events and appointments I have in the next 6 months, a monthly log to show me what I need to do in that month specifically as well a calendar for the month and then I have dailies which are my day to day to do lists. As well as these essentials, you can add trackers for things like exercise or medication, plus sections to help you with holiday details for example. If I am going on a trip I’ll usually add a packing list, a list of places I want to visit and also all the times for my flights or trains – having all the details in one place is so handy when you’re at the airport or station. There’s no having to rely on your phone, going through emails frantically.


Tip – Don’t pressure yourself to make it look perfect – The first couple of months of your journal are likely to look a bit messy but don’t worry. Don’t look on Instagram and freak out because yours isn’t looking perfect like most of the photos on there. You should use your first months to experiment. I tried lots of different styles before I settled into the setup I have now. Struggling to keep up with a task? Try out a tracker. More of a visual person? Try out a calendar so you can see how the rest of the month will pan out. It’s all about what you want to use it for so somethings will work for others but maybe not you.


A chance to be creative – As well as getting you organised, a bullet journal also gives you an outlet to express yourself. This could be as simple as using a different colour scheme monthly or as elaborate as a monthly theme. Maybe you don’t consider yourself an artist but like to doodle, have a whole page just for that. Adding inspirational quotes throughout can help you practice fonts and if you put them on random pages throughout it will be a nice surprise when you get to it. While I wouldn’t say I’m the best when it comes to drawing, I’ve really enjoyed doing the odd sketch in my journal. I’m actually quite proud how some of them have come out! Having the chance to be creative might actually entice you more to get organised too, instead of looking at a boring to do list, you’ll come to a colourful page that you want to get through.


Tip – Work out your tools – Picking the right journal is important, you’re going to be using it for a long time. For example, I’ve been using my notebook of choice for a year and still have a fair bit to go. I’d recommend using a dotted grid notebook if you can find one, next best would be square grid but lined works as well. That’s what I’m currently using and it works for me but I have this one to use next. It’s what I’ve seen recommended the most to use as a bullet journal.
– If you’re keeping things simple, you want to find a good pen that you find comfortable using a lot and a ruler too to keep things neat.
– If you’re wanting to go more colourful, I’d also recommend a set of fineliners. I currently have a set of Staedtler 0.3mm fineliners but I understand they’re a more expensive option. Supermarkets usually have their own cheap brand that work just as well. Washi tape will become your new best friend. It’s useful for borders, covering up mistake and just adding a little something special to your journal.
-Finally if you want to go for something more elaborate such as title pages, I’d buy a set of colourful pencils and pens. If you have one close by I’d recommend going to Flying Tiger. They’re really cheap and have a great selection of stationery and craft supplies. A perfect place to grab bullet journal supplies when you’re just starting out and you don’t want to break the bank.


It’s made me more productive – Having everything in one place means I know where to find anything I need done. Doing a daily list means I’m making sure all the little jobs are done such as filling out the dishwasher or putting away laundry. The satisfaction of seeing a list completely ticked off for the day is really encouraging. I’m noticing how much I actually get done because I’m not having to remember day to day what needs done. On a side note, I deal with chronic pain and on days where I don’t have the energy to do everything, having a daily list there already helps me prioritise so I can at least get a few of the easier things done.


Tip – Mistakes are chances to be creative – This is something really useful to learn early on, especially when you’re still experimenting and haven’t quite found your setup yet. A mistake can be covered up in tip-ex but it’s also an opportunity to add something a bit more creative. This can be a pattern made from washi tape, a drawing that illustrates your day or something else that fits in with the month’s theme. For example I messed up a list in the corner of my page last month. So I placed paper over it with a bigger version of my border on it, using washi tape. It looked intentional and broke up the page a bit.


If you’re lacking a bit of organisation in your life or need a new project, this is it. After using a bullet journal for a year now, I can safely say it will definitely get you organised. It’s completely customisable so what’s stopping you? Happy organising!






50 Reminders that the World isn’t all bad.

Dear Taylor,

So it’s safe to say 2016 hasn’t been great. The world is currently in a messy limbo and it’s easy to feel a bit lost. I know headache attacks don’t make it any better, one minute you’re getting ready for a girls night and the next minute you’re on the brink of fainting and can’t move. When it feels like it’s all gone to (excuse my French) shit, I think you need a little pick me up and I’ve made it in the form of this list. Here’s 50 things to cheer you up.

  1. Brownies fresh out the oven.
  2. Skins.
  3. Every Christmas advert this year, they’re all so cute!
  4. Getting pjs warm out the tumble dryer.
  5. My new addiction to Gilmore Girls (Yes, I’m late to the party…)
  6. Remembering a cup of tea when it’s at the perfect temperature.
  7. A train ride through the countryside.
  8. Discovering you like foods you didn’t before because your taste buds have changed.
  9. Iced coffee (This is due to the above phenomenon)
  10. When your nail polish doesn’t smudge.
  11. Flamingos. (If you haven’t seen them parade, watch this now).
  12. Good selfie lighting.
  13. When you predict a plot line in a TV show episodes before it happens.
  14. Cats.
  15. Our kitty Blue in particular.
  16. Travelling to new places.
  17. Hastings.
  18. The fact that David Attenborough exists.
  19. Getting your eyeliner right first time.
  20. Dogs.
  21. Making a party best friend.
  22. A Lush bath.
  23. Autumn.
  24. Bears.
  25. Burg Eltz in Germany (It’s in the middle of the forest and it’s straight out of Disney movie. If you can go, it’s worth it.)
  26. Shakespeare.
  27. Peacocks.
  28. The fact that Pokémon made an epic return.
  29. Days watching trashy tv like Say Yes to The Dress.
  30. The take off part of a flight.
  31. Walking in clean snow.
  32. Koblenz.
  33. Puns, accidental ones are particularly good.
  34. Finding everything on your shopping list in one trip.
  35. A face mask.
  36. Fresh bed sheets.
  37. You have a Momma as cool as Regina George’s.
  38. Purple lipstick.
  39. The fact that you can get pretty much any character in pop culture as a Pop Vinyl figure.
  40. A Harry Potter marathon with my favourite girls.
  41. Mint oreos.
  42. Your friends who you can talk to about literally anything and they won’t judge.
  43. Your Christmas Eve traditions (New pjs, Chinese food and Miracle on 34th Street [1994 version]).
  44. Your bullet journal and how it nice it feels to be organised.
  45. When your hair dries and comes out naturally nice.
  46. RuPaul’s Drag Race.
  47. Your Totoro onesie.
  48. Getting a haircut and actually being happy with it.
  49. Fancy dress.
  50. That days without pain do exist.

See, the world isn’t so bad after all. Just remember that it isn’t all doom and gloom, come back to this list anytime.

Love from,