YouTube ain’t just for cat videos.

It’s safe to say I’m a long time YouTube viewer. I’ve been watching since before the word ‘youtuber’ was really coined and I’ve even dabbled in a little vlogging myself. What appeals to me about YouTube is how accessible it is. You’ll find everything from short fantasy films to LGBT education, comedy sketches to political rants and of course cat videos. I’ve lost count of how many channels I’m subscribed to but here’s some of my current favourites:

Hannah Witton

hannah witton

Hannah is a British 20-something who vlogs about sex, relationships and feminism amongst other things. What I love about her videos is that it’s like chatting to a friend, no matter what the topic, it could be your favourite book that month or periods. Hannah’s open approach is educational but never patronising and you can see the passion she puts into her videos.
Highlights: Her ‘Drunk Advice‘ series is fabulous, Hannah and a friend get drunk and answer Twitter questions with hilarious results. Never fails to crack me up.


kick the pj

PJ is first and foremost a storyteller. I’m not entirely sure he’s from this planet because his content is awesome, in the true sense of the word. PJ’s short films transport you to whole other worlds filled with mind bending characters. In between short films, we get a fresh approach to vlogs, with occasional looks behind the scenes and some DIY tutorials. I love watching PJ’s videos because there’s always something new and you can tell he’s doing what he loves.
Highlights: Office Space is a super endearing film and while you can tell where the influences for this one have come from, it’s still very much PJ’s film. It is 3 years old but it’s a good place to start and still one of my favourite videos PJ’s ever made.

Daniel J. Layton

Daniel J Layton

Daniel J. Layton is a severely underrated YouTube treasure. When his videos pop up in my subscription feed, I always watch straight away because I know I’m in for a treat. Dan vlogs about what’s going on in his life, nice and simple. But he knows how to subtly work up to a punchline to perfection so an everyday anecdote turns into something really amusing. Dan’s videos are completely relatable but not in a cliché way, he’s just very honest and lovely. Just go subscribe!
Highlights: His ‘Baking with Layton‘ series is like the YouTuber version of The Great British Bake Off. Dan and a YouTube friend bake something, it’s a strong format that always gives me the giggles.

Hazel Hayes

Hazel hayes

Hazel is an extremely witty, Irish filmmaker. Whether it be sharing 30 minute long vlogs of her month, making thrilling short films or interviewing A-list celebs, Hazel has a complete air of professionalism at all times. Her brilliantly named Time of the Month series is exceedingly well put together, it’s a lot to share but Hazel gets the perfect balance between emotion, theme and aesthetic. When it comes to short films, if you like psychological horror, Hazel’s channel is for you. My particular favourite is Septum which I’d love to see fleshed out as a feature film.
Highlights: Tipsy talk is a series in which Hazel and friends (sometimes famous) get together for a drink and chat. You’ll never sure where it will go and that’s what makes the series so great; its unpredictability.

Connor Manning

connor manning

Connor is a young American vlogger who makes videos about sexuality, mental health, relationships and dating. His videos are sometimes inspired by questions from his views and other times, just by something in his life. I love that his videos are clearly for him, he’ll often say as he gives advice that he’s telling himself as well as advising the viewer. His videos have a pretty casual tone even whilst sometimes dealing with darker subjects. I find his sexuality videos particularly therapeutic, as someone who also identifies as bisexual, it’s nice to hear someone else’s POV.
Highlights: He’s covered so many topics, it’s hard to choose my favourites. I’d recommend No Bae November which is explaining how relationships are nice but they’re also just another way of living your life (he words it much better than me) and Too Gay, Too Straight which really resonated with me as it’s something I’ve gone through myself.

This is a very small selection of my favourite YouTubers, I could go on for hours. I may write another one of these in a few months time, I’ll probably have subscribed to even more channels by then! Got any YouTube recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments.